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Be Cool, Feel AwesomeGeekyYou

Jhingu is derived from the hindi word " Jhinga" which actually means Prawns ( a type of fish). We named our brand Jhingu because we love munching on prawns. At first we thought that this was really lame name , but since we couldn't think of a lamer name we decided to stick with it. If you have a better suggestion for a name then please email us your suggestions at We.DontCare@Jhingu.com

Who We Are

We design cool T-Shirts and other cool stuff for a living. We just love to get our ideas out there so that you can curse us and think why you even invested money on our designs. Apart from this we also sleep ,eat and do every other normal things that normal people do

Why We Are Here

Once upon a time we were really bored of making a lot of T -shirt designs and thought that its better to make money than have them gather dust in our Hard drives. Secondly we thought that there would be more people like us who would actually want to buy stuff from us.

Who's in your Team ?

We have a team of dedicated designers who are infected with the deadly Coobola Virus . Their sole purpose of life is to design cool stuff. Dont worry we have them quarantined and they are been constantly fed with stupid, crazy ideas from time to time.

What do you design ?

Our designs have no creative limits. We design anything that moves or doesn't .Though we try to keep our designs based on some topics like TV Shows, Games , Abstract and all other things that we think are stupid or cool.

PS: We do not design T Shirts for Balika Vadhu and Kyunki Saans